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Summer Collection

Summer Collection

The high temperatures create a mixture of purpose, excitement and a sprinkle of lust. These feelings swell and expand within each of us, and hangs heavy in the air. From the sweat beading on your skin to the humidity that clings to your every movement, that heat makes you aware of everything. It amplifies your interactions. It drives an internal sense of impulsivity while also providing a sense of release. With it, summer also brings a refreshing sense of newness. In summer you are willing to take the bet. In summer we fall in love because with the heaviness, we are more away of moment of lightness.

Turmeric Botanical Bar

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Moringa Mallow Energy Balm


Borage Ginseng Active Serum


Our Approach to Scent, as told by our Founder

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Learn how we made our scent "529"

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Learn how we made out scent "Bathhouse"

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The 529 Trio

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Candle "529"