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A scent to help you reach your creative flow state.

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Behind "MIND/BEAM"

A Candle in collaboration with creative studio & platform, Pink Essay. Smells like fresh ideas with notes of green leaves, mandarin, ozone, sandalwood, and white tea.  

Drawing inspiration from old school computer systems and artists in the spaces where they created their best work, we created "MIND/BEAM" with the vision of fostering the process of an idea becoming its final expression.
We wanted to capture the hyper-specific energy that comes with the creative work flow and the process of getting to that headspace. The focus. The exploration. The joyous obsession. Art and design--even perfumery--has historically been inner circle industries. Only those who are well connected could be the ones that could participate. Pink Essay and Redoux's shared values of ingenuity through connection want to break this mold. We want to welcome all that aspire with open arms. We want to embrace the messy, new, unfinished, and irreverent because that's how we go beyond what is expected.

Our Cleansing Bars

Vegan cleansing bars made with nourishing botanicals, naturally scented with essential oil blends inpired by nostalgia.

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