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Redoux x Collina Strada - Baby Frog


A sculptural candle in collaboration with Collina Strada. Each frog is hand-poured and one-of-a-kind, resulting in natural variations. 

Infused with Redoux’s popular “529” scent and building on Collina Strada’s playful frog motif and wonderfully whimsical aesthetic world, the candle is a dream collaboration between two cultural tastemakers. Cast using a custom design and mold process and then finished by hand for a beautifully precise level of detail.

If you decide to burn, place on a platform to protect the surface underneath. 

Net weight 5oz.

Pairs well with Redoux x Collina Strada - Big Frog

Behind the Frogs

For these little frogs, life is about the little things. Soaking up the hazy afternoon sun, indulging in cool dips in the water of their local pond, half-chasing the glittering insects that buzz above. Big Frog, the lovable leader of the pack, loves a good doze on a favorite rock, while the mischievous Baby Frog delights in frolicking among the floral landscape, playing harmless tricks on unsuspecting friends. For both, the most important thing in life is to enjoy it.

A shimmering world surrounds them with the fresh scents of summer: earthy, sweet, rich, and citrusy. Warm fragrant notes that inspire both lounging and play—all an indescribable feeling that time is nonexistent. Their afternoons stretch out, pure and endless — a blissful life meant for the senses.

Smells like...

Redoux’s best selling “529.” Summer mischief on the fire escape. Listen to the scent-inspired playlist here.

Notes of sandalwood, orange blossom, ginger, amber, and saffron.


Pillar candle wax blend, organic beeswax, fragrance.