New Arrivals

About Redoux

Redoux is a fragrance brand centered around the sensorial — the visual, the auditory, the olfactory. We're creating the next generation of scent experiences.

We each have a unique story to tell as part of the human community. Love, wonder, anticipation, peace, and joy: feeling and thought comes instinctively. And so does Redoux. Through our work, we elevate personal rituals, create accessible luxuries, and recognize our collective experiences through the power and beauty of scent.

Gifts for Those Seeking Rest

Crafted for Elegance, Designed for Life

Introducing our exquisite porcelain dish made in collaboration with Guilad Office of Design, where timeless elegance meets modern functionality. Inspired by the natural balance of a seashell, it’s elegant design and versatile functionality make it the perfect addition to any space, infusing a sense of luxury into your daily rituals, from the bathroom to the bedside.


Gifting Peace of Mind

Transform your home into a sanctuary of calm with the Bathhouse Candle. Its unique blend of cucumber, lavender, mint, and eucalyptus invites the soul-soothing ambiance of a Korean Bathhouse into your space, offering an invigorating yet serene retreat, anytime.


Luxurious Cleansing Bars

Nostalgic Home Fragrances

Never Ending Compliments

Find joy in spreading kindness to others. Our “You Smell Nice” hat is the perfect simple, loving gesture everyone cherishes.