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Redoux NYC brightening 529 Turmeric Cleansing Soap Bar made with vegan plant oils and turmeric to deeply exfoliate without feeling dry.

"529" Turmeric Cleansing Bar

Out of stock

Candle "529"

Deeply nourishing cleansing bar for dry and sensitive skin made with spirulina oil and rice milk to deeply cleanse without leaving skin dry. Redoux NYC Bathhouse Spirulina Cleansing Bar with nourishing Spirulina and safflower oil for dry skin.

"Bathhouse" Spirulina Cleansing Bar


Love the soaps? Save with Bundles. $42 for three soaps of your choice.

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Don't Think Activated Charcoal moisturizing Cleansing Soap Bar made for sensitive skin and body acne. Out of stock

"Don't Think" Activated Charcoal Cleansing Bar

Redoux NYC luxury & vegan "Room 621" Red Clay detox Cleansing Bar with shea & safflower oils for sensitive skin. Out of stock

"Room 621" Red Clay Cleansing Bar

Our limited edition luxury cleansing soap bar collaboration with that is made with rich plant oils and mood enhancing scent.  5oz natural  soap rich with vegan plant oils like coconut oil, safflower oil, and shea butter for ultimate hydration.  Out of stock

Redoux x Kaolin Clay Cleansing Bar

Weekday Ritual Set - Luxury body care gift set with two turmeric cleansing soap bars and 90z 529 candle with amber fragrance oil.  Out of stock

Weekday Ritual Set

Twin Flame Candle Gift Set - Three of our best selling 9oz Candles with amber fragrance oils for 150 hours of burn time. Out of stock

Twin Flame Set

Redoux NYC offers misfit cleansing soaps, a product from our sustainable body care.  Redoux NYC Misfit soap bars made without harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates to nourish skin.  Sale

Misfit Soaps

On sale $13.00
Redoux NYC giftcard to purchase any luxury cleansing bar, candle with fragrance oils, and ritual set.

Gift Card

From $25.00
Baby Frog Candle infused with our 529 luxury candle fragrance oils and organic soy wax. Out of stock

Redoux x Collina Strada - Baby Frog

Redoux x Collina Strada Big Frog sustainable soy wax candle with all natural fragrance oils.  Redoux NYC's luxury brand collaboration with Collina Strada candle is infused with "529" scent for whimsical atmosphere.

Redoux x Collina Strada - Big Frog