Our Story

Redoux is a line of sophisticated scents and vegan skincare for the modern nostalgic.

We care about the past, present, and future. Through Redoux, we want to keep you in touch with what’s important so we craft our products for and around experiences that we all share in common--excitement, stillness, love, growth. It’s modern, but nostalgic. Smart, yet approachable. Feminine and masculine. Everyone is different, but we share a common string through life.

Our co-founder Asia Grant also offers consulting services in the form of custom scent design, scent marketing, art direction and white labeling. Please drop an email to asia@redoux.nyc for more information and rates. Let's make something memorable together. Read her bio here.

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Redoux is built on change. Change that gives you space to learn, experience, and evolve.

The Birth of Redoux

Redoux is the brainchild of Asia and Alejandro. Two friends with a common love for skincare and new experiences.

Their passion for skincare led them to discover many products that permeated various shared memories, summer bee venom masks, the quintessential morning green tea cleanser, and the delicate but indispensable black orchid extract. Beyond skincare, however, there were also multiple tokens that became highlights of their friendship: the palo santo box from Asuncion, the Omija tea from Jeju, or even the nostalgic coffee scent from their breakfasts in college.

Then one day it clicked. ‘We can bottle memories, through scent.’

Scent is a powerful catalyst. It can be infused to add a new dimension to make an unforgettable experience. It can be composed to create unique moments. And it can perpetually be harnessed to evoke emotions.

Redoux is rethinking the power that scent has in our identities, our relationships, and our life experiences.