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5 Biggest Myths about Natural Bar Soap

Natural bar soaps have been under much scrutiny during it's lifetime for a number of different reasons. We've compiled the common misconceptions we've heard to help address any concerns you may have about natural bar soap. 

Myth #1 - "Natural bar soap is dirty"

We did a poll with our Redoux community and found that 31% people thought that bar soap is dirty. It’s a common misconception that bacteria stay on the surface of soap. It doesn’t. When you clean yourself with soap, it removes dirt and impurities from your body, making them easy to wash away. All you need to do to keep your soap clean and bacteria free is to give it a quick rinse after you’re done using it and store it in a draining dish. Viola, clean soap!

Myth #2 - "Natural bar soap is super drying"

Many commercially made soaps are made with harsh ingredients that can cause irritation and strip the skin of natural oils. Natural bar soaps soaps are made out of skin nourishing, natural botanical ingredients like shea butter, castor oil, and coconut oil. Something else that can cause irritation are fragrance oils. . Always check the ingredients to see how a product is made!

Myth #3 - "Natural bar soap won’t get me clean"

Natural bar soaps work by dissolving and lifting the dirt from the surface of your skin. The combination of sweat and dirt that naturally accumulates can be washed away by simply rubbing a bar of lathered bar of soap across your body. If you don’t feel clean after using bar soap, you may consider adding a rough loofa or exfoliant to your shower routine. If you are looking a deeper clean, look for purifying ingredients like charcoal, clays, or sea salt. Here is a deeper explanation on how soap actually works.

Myth #4 - "Natural bar soap is wasteful"

We allow our soaps to cure for four weeks to create a hard, long lasting bar. Compared to body wash, with bar soap you don’t leave behind and waste through packaging and you can use it all the way to the very end. When you get down to the last bits of your soap, there are creative ways to keep it lasting even longer

Myth #5 - "Natural bar soap leaves a mess"

Only if you don’t take care of it! Keep your soap dry when not in use and away from water when not in use to keep it from “melting” or crumbling. That can be done by using a well draining soap dish. We put together some tips on how to keep your soap neat and pretty.
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