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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Candle Container

It’s always a little sad when your favorite candle is finished burning, so why not “extend its life" by repurposing the jar it came in? After a good cleaning, you won’t be able to tell it once housed a candle-- unless you keep the label on. Sometimes the packaging is just that good. 

How do I clean the candle vessel?

Step 1: Place your candle in the freezer for a few hours.* 

Step 2: Grab a sturdy -- but not sharp knife (like a butter knife) or similar object to remove the frozen wax.

Step 3: Set aside the leftover wax to use with a candle warmer or dispose of it. 

Step 4: Fill the container with soap and hot water, let it soak for a minute and scrub away any excess wax.

Step 5: To remove the label, place your container in *very hot* water and soap. Gently scrub until clean. The majority of the label should peel right off after 10 minutes of soaking. 

Step 6: If you’re left with excess goop, pour a few drops of oil onto a paper towel and rub until all remaining residue is gone. Nail polish remover is another effective option.

* Note: you may not need to freeze candles that use wax with a low melting point (such as soy wax). Start at step 2 if this is the case. 

What can I use my clean jar for?

Storage container 

Pens, hair accessories, candy, a “rainy day” fund -- anything goes when you’re reusing. An empty candle container makes organizing your smallest trinkets simple and accessible. Don’t forget to tag us @redouxnyc on Instagram so we can see where your jars end up! 

Plant propagation

Whether one of your plant babies is outgrowing their pot or you want to start a new plant family, clear glass jars make excellent vessels for plant propagation. If you don’t have any plants to begin with, you can ask your green-thumbed friend for some cuttings of plants they have. 

First, search the internet to make sure your plant can be propagated in water. The best method to determine what length to cut and how many leaves there should be will vary depending on the type of plant. Once you find the right method, simply fill your candle jar with water and drop the cutting in. For best results, place your propagation somewhere it can receive plenty of indirect sunlight. 

Drinking glass 

This is our favorite way to reuse Candle 529. The nine-ounce glass is the perfect size for your morning cup of matcha or your favorite night cap. Once clean, fill your glass with your go-to beverage, sip, and enjoy! 

DIY candle

Feeling creative? Go full circle and reuse your jar to make another candle. You can either melt and reuse wax from old candles, or head to your nearest craft store to purchase new wax and wicks. For the latter, you can include your favorite essential oils for a clean fragrance option, or omit fragrance entirely. Here’s how to “re-candle”:

Step 1: Place the wick in your candle vessel.

Step 2: Melt the wax over a heat source.

Step 3: Mix in your color and/or fragrance (both are optional).

Step 4: Once mixed and thoroughly melted, pour the wax into the candle vessel.

Step 5: Let the mixture fully cool before trimming the wick.

Explore this step-by-step guide to creating your own candles at home for more in-depth instructions. 

What’s your favorite way to reuse empty candle containers? Share your tips in the comments and join our community!

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