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7 Soap Dishes for Your Redoux Bar

Much like a tabletop, the staging of your bathside presents ample opportunities for personalizing your daily bathing routine. Are you a minimalist—simple steel and teak—or do you take comfort in the gathering of plants, ceramics, sponges, and more? 

No matter where you land, investing in a good soap dish has its practical and aesthetic advantages. A well-chosen dish helps to preserve our Turmeric or Spirulina Botanical Bars, reducing wetness and maintaining shape and texture. Beyond their primary function, soap dishes come in a variety of colors and materials and can help elevate any bathroom space.

With so many options out there, we’ve rounded up 7 of our favorite soap dishes to pair with your Redoux:

Bon Accessories Soap Tray by ferm LIVING

Starting with the simple: this delicate, minimalist ceramic tray brings a hint of wabi-sabi to your bathside, allowing the rich colors of our botanical bars to take the main stage. Pairs well with dried flowers and seashells.

Eowyn Marble Dish by FABHUB

This hand-polished dish, crafted from a single piece of marble, exudes the organic energy of those who like to pair their bathtime with Redoux and a variety of bath salts. Pairs well with a selenite lamp in the bathroom.

Blue Hollywood Dish by Jonathan Adler

A pop of color for those seeking it, this solid acrylic dish reminds us of Mediterranean waters and orange wine beachside. Pairs well with a glass pitcher of hibiscus water.

Nova Soap Dish by Zone Denmark

If you’re seeking a range of colors to choose from, this clean porcelain piece comes in five gentle tones. The concentric circles call to mind raindrops on a pond and wouldn’t be out of place in our Bathhouse concept book. Pairs well with warm jasmine tea.

Zig Zag Dish by Lindsey Bricker

Handmade in Colorado, Lindsey Bricker’s dish makes minimal contact with soap bars to maximize soap preservation, while the simple speckled glaze is at home in a variety of bathroom interiors. Pairs well with a naturally-sourced loofah.

Pyramid Soap Dish by POKETO

Architecturally-minded? The points and valleys of this gleamingly spiky piece from LA-staple POKETO brings some personality for those looking for some extra energy in their bathing space. Pairs well with your bathroom plant menagerie.

Marble Soap Dish by BINU BINU

Concluding this list is a touch of luxury at Montreal powerhouse SSENSE: crafted from elegantly striated marble, this ribbed dish by BINU BINU is hand-polished to perfection and available in many colors. Pairs well with a 7pm negroni in the bath.

Our Botanical Bars are formulated with a moisturizing blend of natural oils—Safflower, Shea, and Castor—to deeply cleanse and nourish without stripping your skin of natural oils. Shop single bars and trio packs here.

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