Behind the Design: Redoux Scent Mechanics - Redoux

Behind the Design: Redoux Scent Mechanics

Designed by Kim Nguyen, founder of Nguyen Inc and previous designer at Supreme, Marc Jacobs, and Stray Rats, the first Redoux shirt pays homage to the friendship journey of co-founders, Asia Grant & Alejandro Cuevas, and depicts a graphic representation of how Redoux considers the senses when developing a scent. They call it their “scent mechanics.”

There is a common string that binds us all. We all know the experience of being. 

Scent is a building block of experience and can be an information channel to the other senses. We represent experience as a cube, with four planes of an experience that coincides with our senses and their relationship to each other.

Vision. Taste. Sound. And Smell.

 Each corner is an information node for one of the senses. Each act as an entry point that, once stimulated, journeys to the other senses indicated through the connecting paths. Take, for example, the color orange, an information node that stimulates vision or smell. That color can be reflective of our emotions from our past (vision—nostalgia) or can be perceived as loud or soft (sound—notes). That color could even travel across multiple senses and manifest the idea of a certain food (taste—flavor). Touch is omitted due to, when one comes in contact with a scent, the physical sensation occurs within the body, rather than tactilely outside of the body. One does not, and cannot, touch a scent.

 But that does not mean that scent can’t be felt. Nostalgia rises above all, as it is ever connected to the way we feel but always just out of our grasp. This exploratory approach allows us to create scents with an unspoken harmony, that something we are not aware of, but can be manifested in the expression of telling someone they smell nice.

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