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Creating the "529" Scent Profile

As told by our founder, Asia Grant

I first began testing formulations for our “529” scent in the winter of 2018. It was a “can’t make it a full block without stopping in a shop to warm up” kind of NYC winter.

That winter, I felt a particularly intense sense of longing and anticipation for warmer seasons. That feeling inspired me to create a scent evocative of summer joy and mischief. Lively, fiery, unmistakable, unforgettable, visceral, and sensual. Approachable, accessible, impulsive, and witty.

That winter, I found a long, narrow shop in the West Village that sells the kind high quality essential oils necessary for creating top-of-the-line scent blends. When you walk in, you’re first greeted by a shelf with hundreds of oils lined up neatly, side by side, in alphabetical order.

The shop’s attention to detail is impeccable, from the warm hardwood floors to clean glass shelves, and most of all in their diverse range of products. Each scent is differentiated by location—for alone, there are five different scent profiles, each one with its own distinct profile and personality.

I would spend hours at a time in the shop, writing on test strips, sampling scents to see how each works with alone and when paired with others. I tried endless combinations and would ask everyone that walked in the store for their thoughts.

“Where does this remind you of?"

"Can you tell me about the person who would be wearing this?"

"Can you describe this scent to me in one feeling?”

I wanted to make sure that the final scent didn’t just evoke summertime for me, but a universally warm, balmy scent that would inspire all to dream of the heat of July.

When I found the final blend, it smelled like: awakening in the sun, getting into trouble, listening to the sound of a bonfire, growing up from heartache, and the joy of late nights. The good, bad, and spicy of summer. 

I can always relive that period of scent exploration with music—I made a playlist at the time to capture the feeling of the scent I was creating. You can listen here if you want to relive the experience with me, or are just longing for summer. 

What does summer smell like to you?

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