"Flame to be Found," a visual practice and conversation with Chef Tara Thomas - Redoux

"Flame to be Found," a visual practice and conversation with Chef Tara Thomas

Reflections by Tara

I think the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is a euphemism that defines the fleeting experience of finding light. I recognize the need to seek for reflection and a sense of belonging in a space of light. A twin flame is a synergetic form of light empowered by two flames illuminating a space of warmth.

Asia and I found our twin flame through our serendipitous timing. It was early Autumn in 2019, and at the time I felt confident in myself and my work, but was still faced with a sense of overwhelming instability. I was 21 years old within the first year of living in New York City, trying to find my place and my people. When Asia and I met, we saw this in one another. In our first conversation, I stated the experience of “chaotic abundance, ”which I define as the prized moments of life that pull you through hardships. We recognized that both of us were relentlessly working on our dreams, and we found security and stability in each other as built on them together. Our shared expressions of our internal light, trusting the warmth, fostering an environment of warmth and recognizing the network of light is quite humbling, quite a privilege.

Reflections by Asia Grant

When deciding to create the twin flame set, our intention was to celebrate the act of spending time with the people in your life that fuel your energy and feel like home.

Chef Tara Thomas and I serendipitously met in 2019 through a mutual friend and found a shared sense of creative energy and aspiration within each other. I was so inspired by our first conversation about the importance of chaos for growth, I designed a scent from that experience called “Chaotic Abundance” which has become the oeuvre of all our work together--from brand campaigns to cross sensory dining experiences. The time we spend together, whether it was work or rest, always feels  like we were in sync with the intention and vision we have for ourselves and each other. At its essence, it felt like seeing the best parts of yourself being reflected back to you and being wholly accepted.

Through working on this project  together, I wanted to visually capture what it feels like to find your twin flame--the anticipation, the ignition, and the subsequent eternal warmth. Tara titled it “Flame to be Found,” where I questioned the elements of a twin flame and Tara digested our responses through this editorial piece  to better understand how we cultivate and build together.  We shot in still and short form video to capture the small moments that are the foundation to our larger connection as twin flames. 

In Tara’s words...

Your twin flame is a reflection of your own inner flame. What feeds your flame will nourish the collective light you seek. Your flame is the hearth of your purpose; it's what ignites your dreams and intentions. Your flame is your spirit. 

Sometimes you find your flame in a space of hardship and chaos, with the intention of breaking out of our comfort zone. Recognizing this in your relationships brings power to your inner and  twin flame, so you may reconstruct the space by burning what does not feed the flame and constructing intentions. Cultivating a flame creates a healthy space of love and an opportunity to build a safe and sustainable community based on healthy interpersonal relationships. We need our community to understand ourselves sometimes, and we need ourselves to sustain our community.

To cultivate a flame you must begin with yourself through presence, warmth, space, and light. Finding presence through meditation creates space to be warm and a Twin Flame is a communal experience of shared warmth. The ability to create warmth is an obligation to sustain it in your relationships. Making an offering to your friends creates space for another flame to understand presence and a sense of trust. Nourishing your shared flame over a delicious dish, hot drink, or anything that raises shared desire will feed the flame.

Understand what you want to share to uplift and inspire those you love, and those who want to share that experience will foster that flame to reconstruct a safe space for the community to thrive in. Finding my inner light has guided me to flames facilitating a community of care in all that I do. Finding your twin flame is an act of surrendering space for warmth to be shared. 

Doing the ‘Flamework’

I tend to my inner flame first by taking a bath with the Redoux collection, reflecting on my safe space at home, and making a restorative tea. 

Self Care in the Bath

Winding up into my highest self requires a moment of presence of putting myself in the forefront of my intentions.

At dusk when sun falls, I ignite lamps and candles to bring hearth into my home.With the ‘529’ candle burning in my bathroom it has become my guiding light to cleanse.

Beginning with my head, I cleanse my face and décolletage with my moisturizing cleanser. I use a Redoux Botanical Bar in “529” with exfoliating gloves massaging my body firmly making my way to my feet. Don’t forget to wash your legs. The act of a firm exfoliating massage allows the scent from the bar to nourish my skin and carry into the hot steam creating a therapeutic experience. After I rinse I follow by massaging a body oil like my Borage Ginseng Active Serum into my skin to seal in moisture from the steam and nutrients from the bar. I hop into my Egyptian cotton towel, do my face and décolletage skincare routine.

I tend to lay in bed massaging raw shea butter into my body, finishing with the energy balm for an herbaceous glow, at this point I’m ready to marinate.

Self Care in the Home

These are the rules I practice to make my home an environment that allows me to reset and recharge. 

  1. No shoes in the house.
  2. Absence of landfill material. Plastic Recycle, Paper Recycle, Compost.
  3. No animal products unless it’s for my cat Spaghetti.
  4. Maintain a stocked pantry with essentials like beans, spices, pastas, teas etc.
  5. A fridge with greens and seasonal produce makes an opportunity to cook something nourishing and delicious.

Self Care in the Body

This is my receipt for Hot Ginger Lemon Tea. I enjoy in the morning to restore warmth, or before a bath to open up inner peace.”

Hot Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe

In a mug pour two tablespoons of Monfefo cold pressed ginger juice, swirl a tablespoon of raw honey, and for acidity a teaspoon of preserved lemon paste or one half of fresh lemon juice with some zest will do. 

Fill the mug with hot water to alchemize the concoction, allow it to sit for one minute. Mix well with a spoon and finish with your favorite adaptogenic wellness tinctures. I adore the entire Rainbo mushroom tincture collection. Lately, I've been adding two droppers full of Rainbo 11:11 for the full spectrum effect and two droppers full of reishi for stress management. Enjoy in the morning to restore warmth, or before a bath to open up inner peace.

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