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How to Get Your Body *Really* Clean This Summer

For those steamy days (and nights).

Shower daily.

The most obvious answer tends to be the best! Be sure to give each part of your body the love and attention you deserve. Showering daily (once or even twice a day) can be a simple way to build out your summer skincare routine. Spoil yourself, it’s too hot not to.

Use efficacious products. 

It’s normal to cycle out products as the seasons change to support your skin’s needs. Look out for clarifying and detoxifying ingredients, like clay, sea salt, charcoal, and algae to get a deeper cleanse during the hotter months.


Sweat and dirt naturally accumulates on the skin, and even more so during the summer time. Using a physical exfoliant, like your favorite loofa or body scrub, to remove dirt and excess oil can help you maintain feeling squeaky clean!

Stay moisturized.

Though you may feel oily during summer, your skin can still get dry during the summer months. Using light, yet hydrating products—like body oils or balms--will keep your clean skin supple and happy!

Pro tip—your favorite body oil can double as a signature summer scent. 


Always SPF 50, every day. Unless you aren’t going outside, then at least SPF 30.

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