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Is Your Skincare Routine Ready to Transition to Fall?

What does a year-round glow have in common with a direct deposit? Everyone wants it. As we transition to fall, we need to reconsider how our routines are supporting us for hydrated, plump skin. Temperature fluctuations from going indoors to outdoors can exacerbate skin dehydration caused by cooler weather, which can lead to redness, increased oil production, and irritation. 

Just like one green juice won’t bless us with abs, a face mask every now and then won’t save us from skin woes. You deserve your dream skin-- here are a few ways to work towards it this fall. 


1. Add your favorite oil while applying body lotion. 

This extra boost of hydration doesn’t require an additional step in your routine, just add the oil and cream to your palms and massage them into your skin. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, your favorite hydrating serum can be used the same way. Natural oils like rosehip oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and shea butter provide essential vitamins and fatty acids and are great for sensitive skin. Redoux’s Moringa Mallow Energy Balm blends the latter three into a luxurious and restorative balm for any areas of the body that need extra TLC. 


2. Substitute a thicker moisturizer. 

For acne-prone or oily readers this may feel scary, but in today’s skincare market, intense moisture and a non-comedogenic ingredient list aren’t mutually exclusive. If you already use a thick cream, opt for a balm. If you typically use a facial oil to moisturize, look for a cream that could pair nicely on top to boost your glow. You can also rotate whatever you add-- you don’t have to use it daily for your skin to benefit from the additional moisture.

Note: “Oil-free” labels aren’t always your best friend during colder months. Consult with a dermatologist or esthetician if you’re worried about finding the right balance of increased hydration and maintaining or controlling oil production.


3. Reevaluate your supplements and vitamins.

Swapping supplements as the weather changes brings intentionality to your wellness routine and your skin will thank you for taking such a holistic approach to its health. 

When clouds begin replacing the sun it’s always a good idea to take a daily Vitamin D supplement--  if you spend a lot of time indoors regardless of the season, this should be a constant in your routine. Adaptogens are also great for combatting stress and protecting the body from adverse reactions to changes in your environment. More specifically they support your adrenal glands, which manage hormonal responses to stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Common adaptogens include maca, Asian ginseng, turmeric, reishi and ashwagandha. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for what you should take. Get to know your skin; get in tune with your body. Make adjustments where you feel they’re necessary. 


4. Buy a humidifier. 

Your routine doesn’t stop with your products. These are beneficial year-round for the skin, throat, nose, and more, but especially if your city tends towards cold weather in the fall. 


5. Reduce exfoliation, gradually.

Drop in temperature = drier skin. Increasing winds = drier skin. There is naturally less oil buildup as we sweat less and spend less time outside, accumulating less dirt and environmental toxins. In turn, we don’t need to exfoliate as often to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. You can reduce your exfoliation a few ways: 

  1. Cut back by a day, whether you use physical or chemical exfoliants. 
  2. Opt for a less potent exfoliant, either a lower concentration of your favorite acid or a more gentle one. 
  3. Try chemical exfoliants if you’ve been using physical options like scrubs or face-washing devices (and vice versa).

Whatever changes this new season brings to your skincare routine, take it easy. If you have sensitive skin, be weary of swapping out multiple products in a short time frame. Be gentle not only on your skin, but yourself, too. Also, don’t underestimate the power of sleep in maintaining the glow you worked so hard on all summer. 

Remember: Even the best products can only enhance what is already there; we must nourish our bodies with movement and vibrant food like we do our skin. 


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