What inspired our 529 scent?
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What inspired our 529 scent?

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Scent can mean many different things to many different people. For us, scent cultivates more than just identify, it’s really the energy we choose in a moment. You have the power to be fluid with your scent—you can change it by mood, environment, or occasion. It is also a strange contradiction. It’s your personal secret, but one that is everyone near you is aware of. At the end of the day, your scent can be the first impression you make on someone that resonates with them long after you are gone.

These are the things we approach how to put together a scent. First, a vibe. What energy is worth recreating? We find that most scents are nostalgic, bringing you to a distant land in an indefinable time sort of like a hazy memory that may or may not belong to you.

We want our scents to make you feel present and more attuned to your current self. 


We started with the environment since it’s strong factor in how we feel internally and externally. Summer was the natural starting place. Not for any scientific reason, but more from intuition and a mutual agreement.

First words that can to mind were carefree, fun, and blissful--but that didn’t give the season justice to its nuanced experience.

First and foremost, summer is HOT. There is no getting around that, and when people think back to their memories of summer they always conveniently forget what it actually felt like. The high temperatures feed into pool of energy that is a mixture of purpose, excitement and a sprinkle of lust. These feelings swell and expand within each of us, and hangs heavy on the air. From the sweat beading on your skin to the humidity that clings to your every movement, that heat makes you aware of everything. It amplifies your interactions. It drives a internal sense of impulsivity while also providing a sense of release. With it, summer also brings a refreshing sense of newness. In summer you are willing to take the bet. In summer we fall in love because with the heaviness, we are more away of moment of lightness. An unexpected cool breeze becomes more meaningful. Where could you find this vibe? We think a quick trip to the Redwoods National Park in the middle of August and you’d get it.

Summer, like scent, is a bit of a contraction and it allows us to surpass who we are in all other seasons.

After considering these pieces, we gave defining terms to summer’s vibe:

Lively, fiery, unmistakable, unforgettable, visceral, sensual but approachable accessible (playful), impulsive, witty

Now we wanted to translate this over to a scent profile. There had to be a sense of warm, without a doubt. We thought the best way for this to shine through was through a woody note--something robust but not so invasive that it wouldn’t play nice with others. The next piece we wanted to capture was the visceral impulsivity--which boiled down to spice--since summer is the spice of life, you feel? We wanted a scent that was recognizably spicy, but not rude. It couldn’t overpower, or coat the inside of your nostrils and back of the throat. It needed to be a grounded, but aloof. When someone smelled it, we wanted them to do a double take like “Who is THAT?” Because we have all had that experience in summer. Lastly, the scent had to be fresh and alive. Naturally, a combination of citrus and florals came to mind but it was very important that the scent was not sweet. The florals needed to hide in plain sight (or smell in this case and the citrus had to be tart with a zing, then finish with brightness.

Here is the first pass of the list of potentials:

Neroli, Geranium, Petit Grain, Palo Santo, Cedar, Ginger, Mandarin (Red), Lavender, Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Pink Peppercorn,  Jasmine, Sandalwood

Now that we have the list, it’s a matter of trial and error. We visit a little aromatherapy apothecary shop here in NY in the West Village and just start smelling. To get in the mood, I keep music on in the background. This is the playlist I had on repeat when putting together the scent.

  1. Pynk, Janelle Monae
  2. The Volcano Song, The Budos Band
  3. Losing you, Solange
  4. Bloody Waters, Ab-soul

We love to hear what you consider when picking your scent! Does it change with seasons or is it ever green?

We loved to hear your comments, concerns, or just a passing ‘hiya!’ Talk to us, we always talk back :) Cheers.