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Smells Like: Nakaya

Smells Like: is an exploration of the human experience of scent through personal stories and connections.

For our third installment in the series, Los Angeles-based musician Nakaya shares her scent profile of a day in LA, the genres of her music, and the notes of her secret signature scent. 

We partnered with Nakaya this past March to create musical interpretations of the scent of each of our best selling products--Turmeric Botanical BarCandle "529", and the Spirulina Botanical Bar. What she created was a beautiful compilation of whimsical, ambient sounds that are reminiscent of the nostalgia attached to each scent.

Tell me about yourself and your work:

I am a musician based in Los Angeles whose work is an amalgamation of indie folk/r&b/electronic ambient textures. I strive to share meaningful stories about my unique experiences, in the hope of connecting with others who are like myself.

What scents are you encountering today?

Today? I'll be outside a lot today, so probably freshly cut grass, wind (this counts in my head), LA pollution, roses.

Do you have a signature scent?

Top secret ;) But it smells clean and reminds me of fresh laundry.

A memory you have of this scent:

Probably just spending all day in shops smelling things that didn't feel like myself and finally landing on this one particular scent and feeling like the sky opened.

Describe yourself as a place:

I'm a minimalist living room with a conversation pit, a big window and an animal next to you.

As a taste:

A cup of beautiful green tea

As a color:

Black—but in the warm way, not in the empty way

As an emotion or feeling:


What's the last thing that brought you joy?

Watching a movie with my parents

More of Nakaya at @nakaya.


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