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Smells Like: Samantha Mims

Smells Like: is an exploration of the human experience of scent through personal stories and connections.

For our fourth installment in the series, Brooklyn-based Skin Therapist Samantha Mims shares the power of amber, connecting with clients, and her strong family bonds.

Tell me about yourself and your work.

I am a 30-year-old black woman who enjoys the simplest things like spending time with my family, the encouragement of my friends, good food, traveling but most importantly the art of skin therapy. As a Skin Therapist my responsibility is to work with people through their problems connected to their skin. My favorite part about the work I do, is when I initially meet someone, hear about their skin concerns, treat them and exceed their expectations. I love seeing the level of surprise my clients have when they see results and actually love them. That’s my greatest reward!

What scents are you encountering today?

Bananas (eating one now), the smell of a freshly bathed toddler (my nephew is with me), and the vanilla scented body mist I just applied.

Do you have a signature scent?

Amber and fig

A memory you have of this scent:

Growing up, I often encountered Muslim men selling their oils on street corners or on public transportation—that’s what introduced my love for amber. Anytime I’m searching for a new fragrance, I always look for notes of amber—fig is another lovely addition in most fragrances, but my go-to has always been amber. I feel so sexy when I wear it and always receive a few compliments in return.

Describe yourself as a place:

I’m that block that you hang out on with your friends. That one cool block that always has something going on in the summer.

As a taste:

Sweet and savory

As a color:

Soft purple

As an emotion or feeling:

Attentive, confident, animated

What's the last thing that brought you joy?

Seeing my nephew so happy on his birthday (April 18th) and him feeling that love—that was the highlight of my week.

Explore Samantha's work at and @dermasaa.

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