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Creating the Botanical Bar

Launching this month, our Botanical Bar is a collaboration with and celebration of the online archival and research platform, a longtime inspiration for Redoux’s research. is an online platform for saving content, creating collections over time, and connecting ideas.

Inspired by moonlight and leisurely exploration, this clean, clarifying scent captures the beauty of deep thought. We wanted to bring in notes that evoke the intellectual exercise of an afternoon in the private library, books open across the table, quiet, meandering piano playing in the background. Our scent profile for the bar is crisp, citrusy, and earthy, perfect for gently opening the mind and relaxing the senses.

Smells like a new sketchbook, endless fascination, and ambient wind chimes.


Our Botanical Bar is thoughtfully crafted from the following ingredients:


Distilled from the delicate leaves of the Coriander herb plant. Fresh and pleasantly pungent-green, cut grass, and softly herbaceous.

White Grapefruit

Cold-pressed from the beloved hybrid of Pomelo and Sweet Orange. Light, citrusy, and sweet, with a crisp drydown.


Tapped from the sculptural Boswellia tree. Dry, diffusive, and bright citrus notes over deep, woody, and slightly peppery undertones.


Kaolin Clay

A rich white clay made up primarily of the mineral kaolinite. Softens dry skin, with gentle cleansing, exfoliating and detoxifying properties.


Extracted from the kernels of the shea fruit. Softens and hydrates, improving the skin’s natural barrier and protecting from damage.

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