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What does your Botanical Bar Trio say about you?

We’re all familiar with horoscopes and, in one way or another, are curious about the myriad ways language can be used to communicate individual personalities and idiosyncrasies. Though “What’s your sign?” might be a decent first-date question, there are so many stimulating ways to explore our place in the world. Our Botanical Bar Trios, available in four combinations, each offer something different—which one is right for you?  

The Vibrant— 3 Turmeric Botanical Bars

For those who disassociate in winter. The aspiring snowbird—out of office from December through February. Loves a paloma. Says, “I’ll take care of you.”

The Connoisseur — 2 Turmeric Botanical Bars + 1 Spirulina Botanical Bar

Moved to NY but misses LA. Always takes a bath before bed and doesn’t allow shoes in the house. Drinks warm ginger lemon tea and says, “At your own pace, at your own time.” 

The Intellectual — 2 Spirulina Botanical Bars + 1 Turmeric Botanical Bar

Enjoys solo film viewings alone at home. Goes hiking in the winter. Likes the idea of drama, in theory. Drinks small batch kombucha and says, “I have a lot of love for you and I wish you the best.”

The Curious — 3 Spirulina Botanical Bars

Talks frequently about medicinal mushrooms. Enjoys critical thinking. Shops for themselves on Black Friday. Drinks room temperature water and says, “Speak softly to me.”

Our Botanical Bar Trio: However you want it. Chose your preferred combination of our best selling Botanical Bars. Commit to your favorite or dabble in something new. Share with a friend or indulge yourself—available to purchase here.

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