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Where to go to find peace in NYC

Tranquility in New York can feel obscure and out of reach. As we enter August and city life becomes increasingly “normal,” our computers are on earlier and for longer. Our regular Sunday trip to the florist becomes frenzied as last month’s ghost town now presents crowded crosswalks and full brunch tables. 

Whether you need a personal escape from your home office or just space for a breather, we’ve curated a list of our favorite places in New York City to help you find your peace. 

Retail therapy at The Break 


Skip hours of rummaging through the racks at thrift stores and pop into this curated, cool-girl vintage shop instead. The Break is built on sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility-- offering chic wardrobe staples and statement pieces from your favorite brands and eras-- at a variety of price points. Walking through their store feels like entering a physical timeline of the best moments in fashion. On top of elevating your closet, you can also replenish your favorite Redoux products here.

Bathhouse: for the lifestyle enthusiast  


If you’re feeling especially self-indulgent and in need of deep relaxation, Bathhouse would be our top recommendation. Infrared saunas, temperature regulated pools, and heated slabs of marble for lounging, it is a place to enjoy oneself in complete solitude or with a couple of close friends. Old wisdom, culture and contemporary practices act in harmony here. By combining togetherness and moments of stillness, Bathhouse is creating an environment that elevates what it means to feel your best. 

Amenities include several saunas, thermal pools, a private lounge, and a starlight steam room, among others. 

Give back with Phoenix Community Garden

Bedford Stuyvesant

The Phoenix Community Garden is a bountiful space providing fresh produce and personal connection right at the end of the Bedford Stuyvesant border on the A/C line. Although the garden is not currently open for public visits (as is their norm), you can still pick up CSA boxes and volunteer. You can spend your Saturday mornings here building community and investing in the future with a few hours of your time. 

Cure your sweet tooth at L'imprimerie 


Quiet your mind with a morning trip to L’imprimerie: a small-batch French bakery and cafe. You’ll have your pick of decadent pastries. If sweets aren’t your thing, you can also indulge in traditional breads. Imagine smashed avocado, lemon juice, and chili flakes on the crunchiest of sourdoughs. We’re partial to their vegan croissant.

Elevated Acre: for the nature lover 

Financial District

A hidden oasis in the Financial District, Elevated Acre is tucked away on Water Street. The artfully crafted gardens can be found through an escalator at 55 Water and is free to the public. You can simply relax in the grass or enjoy the view of the Hudson overlooking downtown Brooklyn. The combination of abundant greenery and an inviting calmness are as dreamy as they sound, we promise. 

Sincerely, Tommy has your latte fix

Bedford Stuyvesant

One of our lovely stockists! Here you can treat yourself to a beverage-- the lavender latte is our personal favorite-- and a blueberry muffin while browsing their curated selection of emerging womenswear and local lifestyle brands. If you’re running low on the Turmeric Botanical Bar, you can get one here! If you’re looking for more of a physical escape from your confounding quarantine routine, stay updated with the opening of Sincerely, Tommy Eat & Stay in Bed-Stuy. This boutique hostel's main floor will serve as a day cafe and eatery at night, with an experimental vegetarian menu. 

Once you have your latte in hand, you can take a nice solo stroll up Jefferson or Halsey around the corner and admire the tree lined, historical neighborhood. 

There is much to gain and little to lose from new experiences. Join us. Let us know which of the above is your favorite, and pass these treasures along to a friend in need of meaningful distraction. 

For more local sanctuaries and breaks from the noise, be sure to sign up for Redoux’s newsletter! Thank you for being here :) 

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I just received my order of two 529 candles, purchased on faith, having never smelled their fragrance before. I can’t be in New York to enjoy peace found in the spaces and activities mentioned in your post, but I found it in the box you sent. The scent is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I set one, unlit, on a side table and as the fragrance softly filled the room, a happy, calm, peace washed over me. It was the craziest thing. I can’t explain it. I haven’t felt so relaxed and well in years. I lay down on the couch and took, literally, the deepest, soundest, best nap of my 58 years. I haven’t had an anxiety episode since. I have one on my nightstand and I’m sleeping through the night, which I haven’t been able to do in years. Calm happiness, relaxed joy. . . I can’t thank you enough


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