Paradise Service - July 2023

Paradise Service - July 2023

Meet “Paradise Service.”  Soft. Effervescent. Sumptuous. 

Inspired by acts of service and fueled by compassion, Paradise Service lives in our world as the endless joy of bountiful hospitality. Smells like an unexpected gift, being right on time, and grand crescendos.

In partnership Lillet and Chef Tara Thomas, we hosted a special evening for a group of guests composed of press, tastemakers, and our community for an exclusive ‘Paradise Service’ experience where they sipped, dined, and danced their way to paradise. 

Guests experienced an indoor picnic with full service hospitality experience and an interactive scent bar that represents the essence of ‘Paradise Service.’


Jasmine, Tangerine, White Grapefruit, Vetiver, Warm Amber

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