Rainbo Universal Mushroom Salve - December 2021 - Redoux

Rainbo Universal Mushroom Salve - December 2021

A scent collaboration for Rainbo's new product release, the Universal Mushroom Salve.

We love exploring the different ways scent interacts with the human body, so when we were approached by Tonya Papanikolov, holistic nutritionist and founder of Rainbo, to create a scent concept, we knew we had to say yes. The scent profile is inspired by the essence and values of the brand for their first body product—the Universal Mushroom Salve.

Rainbo is a medicinal, mushroom-based line of supplements and functional foods here to educate you on the healing power of fungi. Their mission is to optimize health and open minds with medicinal mushrooms. They believe that plants, food, and fungi are medicine for the body, mind and consciousness.

Scent Profile: Light Patchouli, Petitgrain, Carrot Seed, and Sweet Orange.

Smells like warm, bright sunlight at dusk. 



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