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Redoux Resort and Spa - May 2022

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Available May 26, 2022.

The words of Asia Grant, Redoux co-founder and creative director


Our second merchandise capsule, Redoux Resort & Spa, was inspired by our Bathhouse scent collection.

Redoux Resort & Spa is a conceptual exploration of the Redoux experience applied to a physical space. With thoughtful nods to the cultural impact of bathhouse culture, this space embodies qualities that quiet external noise, create moments of presence, and release internal tension within the mind and body. 

The collection includes a pullover, three shirts, a cotton cap, and a tote bag. 

Multiple elements served as inspiration for the collection, from our existing earth toned color palette to the restaurants where we’ve had our most memorable meals. Each of these elements came together to shape our vision for this collection and the future Redoux Resort and Spa experience.

Collection Elements 


Bathhouses or saunas come in their own cultural variations across the world—from the Onsen in Japan, the Hammam (or Turkish baths) across the Middle East and Northern Africa, the Banya in Russia, the Finnish Saunas in Finland, and many more. A common thread across all bathhouse cultures is the deep spiritual associations of the sauna steam as a force of deep healing. When we were developing the Bathhouse scent, we were heavily influenced by the lifestyle, etiquette, and culture around bath houses across the world—specifically the Korean Jjimjilbang.

A Jjimjilbang is a large, sex-segregated public bathhouse in South Korea, furnished with hot tubs, showers, Korean traditional kiln saunas and massage tables. Jjimjil is derived from the words meaning heating. Usually, jjimjilbangs will have various rooms with temperatures to suit guests' preferred relaxing temperatures. The walls are decorated with woods, minerals, crystals, stones, and metals to create an ambient mood and a more natural aroma. The elements utilized have traditional Korean medicinal purposes for these rooms. 

When visiting a Jjimjilbang, guests are given a uniform that they are required to wear during their visit. Typically, this is a matching set of oversized, heavyweight t-shirts and shorts branded with the spa's logo. The oversized nature of this apparel is reminiscent of the casual clothing someone might wear in one’s own home and allows for comfortable movement and breathability for the guest. This uniform is key to the equalization of all the spa’s visitors: regardless of your history, social standing, or creed, the uniform emphasizes that everyone has come to the spa with the same intention—to rest, get clean, and find a moment of peace.

I was inspired by this silhouette and coloring for our collection, which includes two heavyweight, slightly oversized t-shirts in a deep green and off white—core to the Bathhouse color palette.  



We worked with multidisciplinary artist, Gabrielle Widjaja to design the logo of the Resort and Spa, taking inspiration from classic Chinese porcelain vase shapes that are frequently found within Asian households and communal locations. As a nod to our co-founder Alejandro’s Paraguayan heritage, we more closely mirrored the vase shape to that of a traditional “Kambuchi,” the indigenous Guarani language’s word for “clay pot” commonly used for transporting water as well as an ornament placed on women’s heads as part of Kambuchi dance. The small silhouette of the vessel is featured on the Redoux Resort and Spa Pullover and Pine Green and Off-White "Leisure" shirts, while the illustrative larger artwork is the centerpiece of the clay colored Redoux Resort and Spa "Souvenir" shirt. Featured on the vase is an illustration of a walking bridge crossing a river coming from the mountains, which references a matching sweatshirt that Alejandro and I had in college that stated “May the bridges I burn light the way.”

Though we have grown out of this more adolescent and absolute way of thinking about relationships, a sentiment remains: regardless of the challenges or hardships we may face, we see each as a lesson guiding us further along our path. Or put more simply, looking at the vase half full.

The Future of the Redoux Resort and Spa

 It’s no secret that a quality experience is a core priority across all aspects of Redoux. Through this capsule and our existing product collection, we see a realized Redoux Resort and Spa as something fully in the realm of possibility for our future. In fact, we are striving for it.

To bring the vision even further to life, we worked with a friend of Redoux and architect Allison Huchko to create a floor plan and visual direction of the Redoux Resort and Spa concept. We pulled references from our favorite and most memorable spaces, such as the Amangiri Spa in Utah, the acclaimed restaurant Pujol in Mexico City (where back in 2018 I experienced a meal that brought me to tears), and J Balvin’s Japanese architecture-inspired home in Colombia.

When thinking about where the Redoux Resort and Spa would reside in the world, we wavered back and forth between an extremely lush and refreshing patch of greenery and the vast, rolling warmth of desert sands.  Finding a happy medium between the two, we settled on placing and framing it within the context of an oasis. There are multiple intentions behind the decision of choosing an oasis, one of which is a reference to one of my favorite books “The Alchemist'' by Paulo Coelho, as summarized by this quote from the novel,

Santiago thinks about his treasure, and how far off it still remains. He notices that the closer he comes to realizing his dream, the more distant it seems.

Meanwhile, the alchemist is watching. He notices the overwhelming happiness of the travelers, who appreciate the sudden greenery of the oasis."

The estate will include several private guest rooms, an open format restaurant and café, infrared sauna, yoga room with heated bamboo flooring, living library, integrated courtyard gardens with organic fruits and vegetables, and a glass-encased infinity pool. 

This virtual architectural collaboration is on track to be released in June and will be fully immersive and completely free to enjoy.

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