Redoux X: A Virtual Scent Exploration - February 2022 - Redoux

Redoux X: A Virtual Scent Exploration - February 2022

How does Redoux live in our worlds? This question is core to our growth in 2022. We’ve developed a base of core products and we continuously imagine how we might build upon our strong base to imagine a greater, more 3D Redoux. Fueled by a synesthetic curiosity in creating reimagining scent in virtual form, we’ve created “Redoux X,” a thought experiment to theorize what a Redoux collaboration might look like with a variety of our favorite brands and tastemakers.

The project is centered around our popular core product—our handmade soap—with each iteration accompanied by a custom virtual scent inspired by the “collaborator” and a set of unique packaging and soap colorway, all representative of the brand’s essence. This is also Redoux’s first step into the metaverse, as we continue to explore how to communicate scent, both virtually and visually.

The motivation behind this special project is twofold. First, we have a highly realized vision for the Redoux experience, with the goal of using scent as a means of storytelling and celebrating our collective experiences with brands we feel share our values of empathy, intention, and accessibility. Secondly, we believe that celebrating community is key to who we are—collaborations are a literal and powerful way to expand the work we’re pursuing. We hope you’re inspired by Redoux X - the future is truly limitless.

All iterations can be found here on our Instagram

Featured Brands
Day 1 - Amangiri
Day 2 - Winona's
Day 3 - Berkey
Day 4 - Tom's Juice
Day 5 - TWA Hotel
Day 6 - Eleven Madison Park
Day 7 - Byredo
Day 8 - TSA
Day 9 - Michelin Guide
Day 10 - The Sims
Day 11 - Theo Philio
Day 12 - FKA Twigs
Day 13 - Paloma Wool
Day 14 - Telfar
Day 15 - Palomija
Day 16 - Ganni
Day 17 - Studio Ghibli
Day 18 - Whitney Peak
Day 19 - Tyler Hobbs
Day 20 - Pantone
Day 21 - Vitsoe
Day 22 - Fetish Priest
Day 23 -
Day 24 - Noguchi
Day 25 - Arch Digest
Day 26 - 99% Invisible
Day 27 - Rothko
Day 28 - Ikea


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