"Room 621" and "Don't Think" - November 2022 - Redoux

"Room 621" and "Don't Think" - November 2022

Inspired by instinct and taking the leap, “Don’t Think” is a crisp, invigorating scent that captures the rush of pushing beyond your limits. Smells like buoyant energy, a quickened heartbeat, and cracking ice. The full scent profile of “Don’t Think” is Cypress, Juniper, Clary Sage, and Light Patchouli.

Inspired by flirtation and midnight rendezvous, “Room 621” is a warm, stimulating scent that captures the thrill of a shared secret. Smells like escapism, a head rush, and whispered sweet nothings. The full scent profile is Rose, Pink Pepper, Labdanum, Roman Chamomile, Tangerine, and Dark Patchouli.

The Inspiration

For this dual release, we made each scent composition opposing reflection of the other. “Room 621” is deeply resinous and warm, while “Don’t Think” is crisp and cold. But patchouli is present in both scents as a means to weave them together, so when smelled together they are harmonious.

We decided to look at it from the masculine and feminine perspective since it’s the timeless experience most people can recall. However, we wanted to compose it as the feminine partner is driving the seduction in a very unintentional fashion, while the experience of the masculine is more of an internal narrative of the conflict that comes with first being caught off guard, negotiating and debating the should or should not, then ultimately submitting to the seduction. We agreed that seduction was more of a passive act, a state of being for the feminine that naturally creates a visceral reaction in the masculine. Neither of these experiences are restricted to gender—more so it just sets the stage for who creates the invitation and who pursues.

Many of the visuals references we took were from 90s film, such as Eyes Wide Shut and American Beauty for “Room 621” and classic James Bond movies for “Don’t Think.” These films feel eternally nostalgic, and capture the specific nuances of both the masculine and feminine rollercoasters of emotions that come along with seduction.

Why the names?

Because of the film references, we wanted two names that could stand alone, but if combined tell the full store. Just like two people.

“Room 621” (the feminine) is meant to elicit a sense of inviting warmth and secrecy. We thought a hotel room (high enough up that you have to take the elevator as well as have a nice view) was the ultimate representation of a successful seduction. It’s a place where time stops and you’re in your own world. It’s somewhere your secrets are hidden. It’s somewhere you escape. It’s a fleeting moment. It’s your final destination for the evening. “Don’t Think” (the masculine) is meant to capture the jarring experience of being caught in a moment of seduction. Where your mind races with excitement, anticipation, and ends up getting wrapped in the future of what ifs. The mind naturally runs wild, evaluating all potential outcomes, losing a sense of presence. But the best thing to do is to take the jump, “Don’t Think,” and let the seduction take you.

The combined storyline, weaving both narratives together, is “Don’t Think” about “Room 621.” We think it would make a great short film, if anyone was ever interested in shooting it.

"Room 621" and "Don't Think" are available for purchase at redoux.nyc for $16 each. 

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