All About Collaborations

When is Redoux more than just Redoux? We’re big believers in the power of collaborations of every form, as Redoux’s community minded ethos is centered around the power of connection. For our team, collaborations allow us to further expand the world of Redoux and make connections for our audience between our aesthetic and ethos and other influential brands and individuals out in the world.

From our GROUND_WORK series

Collaborations as a concept are worth examining, mainly because they give very real life to the expression “sum greater than the parts,” creating fascinating scenarios where cross species baby brands are conceived from the entanglement of parent brands. 

These partnerships allow us to show you more of Redoux and give an even sharper sense of the many sides of our brand. We’re excited to be launching a variety of these projects this year, starting with our fictional collaboration project, Redoux X, a thought experiment to theorize what a Redoux collaboration might look like with a variety of our favorite brands and tastemakers.
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