YOWIE Room Spray - June 2021 - Redoux

YOWIE Room Spray - June 2021


Collaborations are always a bit magical, but this one was particularly special. Shannon Maldonaldo of YOWIE, a design shop and studio based in Philadelphia, PA, approached our team to collaborate on a product for their five year anniversary. I have personally been a huge fan of Yowie and Shannon's whimsical and ever-welcoming approach to curation, so I wanted to create a scent and product that would translate those qualities. We design and created limited edition multifunctional room spray with a scent crafted to "smell like a familiar place." 

The full scent profile is verbena, yuzu, hinoki wood, neroli, lavender, and amyris. The effervescent citrus notes brighten the room like fresh sunlight, while the floral and wood notes progressively bloom in complexity as it settles in the room. Just like the perfect Sunday afternoon with your favorite ceramic mug. 

The product label is an interactive crossword puzzle—our ideal balance of timeless, sophisticated, and playful—with nods to the personality and product assortment of Yowie.

Exclusively available for purchase at Yowie for $36.

Photographs by Bre Furlong Parker

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