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Misfit Soaps

$16.00 $13.00

Our Misfit Soaps let you enjoy the soaps you love at a discounted rate, while reducing our production waste at the Redoux Lab. 

With each soap production run, we are left with soaps that are structurally abstract and varying weights that do not meet our aesthetic standard to sell with our standard Cleansing Bars. Instead of throwing them away, we periodically release them to the public for purchase at a discount price.

They are the exact same formulation as our other cleansing bars, and even more unique and one of a kind. 

When you purchase one of our misfit soaps, you are helping us reduce waste in our lab while still getting the soap and scent experience we take pride in. 

Soaps are sold AS IS. Structurally abstract, varying sizes. First come, first serve. Restocked when available.