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Does Soap Expire?

A question we hear a lot about our all natural bar soap is, “So—does it expire?” While many of our customers find themselves using their Redoux luxury bar soap daily, occasionally we all need to take a long trip or encounter a bar we forget to open in our bathroom cabinet.

Wondering whether it's time to let go of that forgotten bar of soap?

So, does a soap bar expire? The short answer is yes, but not to worry. It can take up to several years for a cleansing bar to actually expire, and soaps beyond their “use by” date are often still good to use as long as there’s no mold or strange smells. 

Soaps made with natural ingredients do tend to expire more quickly, so if your bar has gone unused for over a year and has lost its scent or turned an unexpected color, it may be time to trade it in for a fresh one. On the other hand, soap bars that maintain their scent and lather often have plenty of life in them!

Our "529" Cleansing Bar

How to Care for Your Cleansing Bars 

Caring properly for your all natural soap bar can help extend its life and prevent strange smells or mold occurring. Here are three tips for preserving your cleansing bar:

  • Store unused bars in a cool, dry area away from bathroom steam. This will help prevent mold or breakdown of the bar.

  • Use a soap dish to allow your bar to dry properly between uses. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Take cooler showers. Cooler temperatures will have a more minimal effect on dissolving the integrity of your bar and maintain its overall health.

The best way to ensure your bar doesn’t expire? Give it a little love every day—our vegan bar soap is formulated with botanicals and scent profiles perfect for good enough for everyday use, with a range of scent profiles for everyone.

Our Luxury Cleansing Bars 

Redoux is a line of sophisticated scents and vegan skincare for the modern nostalgic. Our  vegan cleansing bars have exfoliating and nourishing plant and fragrance oils to deeply cleanse your skin without feeling dry. Our luxurious natural fragrance oils also leave your skin smelling great all day. You can also build a cleansing bar trio to curate your favorite scents in our soap collection. Pair one of our soaps with our Candle 529 for a relaxing bath time ritual. 

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