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How to Fly With Your Cleansing Bar

One seemingly obvious but underrated advantage of using bar soap over gel or bodywash is that you can always carry it on the plane when you travel. But there's a difference between traveling with your bar soap and traveling well with your bar soap.

As we enter the season when many of us plan trips to visit friends and family (or maybe just leave a tropical getaway) for the holidays, make sure to take a moment to travel right with your Redoux Cleansing Bar so it can last you to and from your destination and beyond.

Earlier this year, we shared some general tips for maintaining your bar soap. One of those tips (and perhaps the most important one) that is of the utmost importance for travel is giving your soap time to dry! Wet soap can get dented, soggy, or otherwise damaged when it's in your luggage, which isn't fun for anyone. In between flights, make sure to use a soap dish to help it dry faster.

Even when we let it dry, we've all been guilty of throwing our bar soap in a plastic bag (gasp!) on a trip. But traveling with a loose, unprotected bar of soap can lead to unnecessary damage and can shorten the life of your soap. A good case, like this one here, helps to make the most of your cleansing bar and keep it happy throughout your trip. For those who travel frequently or often can't wait for soap to dry, this specially-designed case allows soap to dry while in transit.

The Matador FlatPak™ Soap Bar Case

Wherever your travels take you this holiday season, save a little love for your cleansing bar—you'll thanks us later. Explore our full collection of cleansing bars here and stay tuned for two new bars coming this November!


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