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The Benefits of Scent in Your Rituals

Ritualizing our everyday activities enhances mindfulness and joy. Join us in exploring how scent specifically supports a healthy environment within ourselves, our space, and the space we occupy. 

Positive associations throughout your work day

We’re all human and sometimes uninspired to work all day. The Redoux team believes in welcoming challenges, but also in the ability of routine and thoughtful products to bring fun and optimism back to your work space (and mind). Scent is a personal touch that represents your unique fire.

We often find ourselves looking forward to things as we work: our favorite leftovers, a virtual coffee date, or just some time to ourselves. The scents we choose to include in our rituals weave in those “yay” moments steadily throughout the day.

Increased sense of the present moment

Scent serves as a reminder that you did something nice for yourself. You brought a moment of joy, calm-- whatever you chose your scent to do-- into your daily life, purposefully. An essential oil blend of sandalwood, clary sage and bergamot, for example, reminds you to slow down. 

Days get away from us, it happens. When it does, we simply have to recall the power we hold in how we shape our reality through our daily rituals. 


Boost of purpose & energy

When we choose scent intentionally by focusing on how it makes us feel rather than just if it smells nice, we are more connected to ourselves and our experiences. The benefits of scent multiply. The journey begins when you purchase a new scented product: excitement, purpose, gratification. Every time you smell it after provides a moment of reflection, nostalgia, and also serves as a reminder of why you bought it. 

We love functional scented products with plant-based ingredients and natural fragrance-- it’s the icing on the cake. It feels good knowing we’re doing good for the people and planet.

You’re the good-smelling friend

This is arguably least important to focus on when considering a new scent, but we can’t deny the happy feels that circulate when someone says our space (or we) smell good. 

In case nobody told you today, you smell nice. 

For more scent talk, dive into how scent functions as a building block of experience and information channel to the other senses with founder of Redoux, Asia Grant. 

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