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Redoux Curated Tasting Menu

Redoux Curated Tasting Menu

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Experience the essence of Redoux with our Tasting Menu—a curated selection of our finest scents. Like a culinary tasting menu, this ensemble allows you to sample the best of Redoux's fragrances. From our renowned cleansing bars to the signature candles and invigorating sprays, each product invites you into a sensory journey, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship that define Redoux. Indulge in a symphony of scents and discover your own signature fragrance.


  • "529" Turmeric Cleansing Bar
  • "Bathhouse" Spirulina Cleansing Bar
  • "529" Candle
  • "Bathhouse" Candle
  • "Bathhouse" Home Fragrance
  • "" Home Fragrance
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